Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bohemia Review To Appear in Unique Bride Magazine

A review of Veronika Carnaby's debut novel, Bohemia, is slated to appear in the upcoming Issue 27 of Unique Bride magazine, on sale in late January worldwide. 'Brought to you by the publishers of the popular Vintage Life Magazine', Unique Bride magazine published by Dragoon and focuses on the best of bridal and vintage culture.

Grab your copy at all WH Smith retail locations throughout the UK or digitally worldwide via the the Unique Bride application.

For more on Unique Bride magazine, please visit their official website or Dragoon Publishing.

Monday, January 21, 2013

News -- Limited Edition Bohemia Flyers To Appear in Joe's Albums, Purple Dog Records

Limited edition flyers advertising Bohemia are popping up all over the world, including Worcester, Massachusetts' finest record store, Joe's Albums. For a limited time, customers of the retailer can expect a copy of the flyer with each purchase they make. Also, look out for a signed copy hung on the walls of the store!
Extending throughout Illinois and beyond to an online fan base, Purple Dog Records followers also recently got a taste of Veronika Carnaby's novel through an announcement on the store's official Facebook page. This proves to be one among many more appearances to come.

If you've spotted the flyer in your neighborhood, send us a message and we'll post the photo to Veronika Carnaby's Facebook and Twitter, as well as the front page of her official website.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Bohemia Receives Rave Review in Tossing It Out

In an entry entitled, "The Kind of Surprise That I Like to Get", Arlee Bird of Tossing It Out deemed Veronika Carnaby's Bohemia "one of the best of 2012--or at least my favorite of the year and one of my favorites of all time". In the glowing, 5-star review, he went on to state that "Carnaby does a tremendous job of capturing the spirit of 1960 and creating characters that seem real and likable." Read an excerpt of Mr. Bird's review below:

" So often I am less than gratified by books that I read.  Yours has left me satisfied and has lingered in my mind.   Readers, if you like books like what I've described here, I encourage you to support Carnaby and hasten to obtain Bohemia."

Full review available here:

Friday, January 4, 2013

News -- Veronika Carnaby Announces New Book In the Works

Four months following the release of her debut novel, Bohemia, Veronika Carnaby announced a follow-up in the works. The author remains mum on its subject matter, title, and release date, but maintains that her next novel will take on an entirely different flavor.

In a recent statement, she noted, "Though I can't disclose too much just yet, I can confirm that I've been hard at work on an upcoming novel. It'll fall under the genres of action/adventure, historical, and maybe even crime." Further details imminent.

Track Veronika's progress with her Friday installment, "Veronika's Pick of the Week", in which she will feature an artistic work that, for the current week, has provided influence and inspiration during the writing process. The installment will be featured on the author's official Facebook and Twitter accounts.