Wednesday, May 30, 2012

News - Veronika Carnaby Featured in Empty Mirror Magazine

In her latest piece featured in Empty Mirror Magazine, Veronika Carnaby details her eye-opening experience with a sketched portrait that gained recognition in New York City. Written in spontaneous prose, Carnaby taps into the underlying message of making an everlasting imprint in daily life.

 "My pal Silvi used to spend all her time cooped up in a rather distinguished arts studio in mid-town Manhattan sketching and drawing and painting and molding and shaping and all that other stuff that artists tend to do--"

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

News - See Veronika Carnaby In Your Town

Interested in seeing Veronika Carnaby at a meet & greet, signing, reading, or other event? Demand her and bring her tour to your town -- now taking worldwide requests!

Friday, May 4, 2012

News - Veronika Carnaby Featured on The Ed Sullivan Show Official Website

In her latest piece featured on the Ed Sullivan Show official website, Veronika Carnaby writes about her memories of the prime time variety program.

 "Many moons ago, my greatest luxury was my black and white television — small as can be with wooden side boards, three knobs along the frame, and a V-shaped antenna piercing the air."

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Flight of Ecstasy

A Veronika Carnaby Original

 And in this flight of ecstasy
I will soar to the heights
Take wing through the night
Climb through with my might
The trip marks the ascent
For which I have spent
A lifetime traveling
This flight of ecstasy
My greatest discovery

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